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E commerce

Are you winning in your business?

Expand your business NOW and start utilizing the wealth of the internet. Yes- that’s right the wealth. There is over 1Billion internet users in the world today. That is 1 Billion potential customers for your product or services.

By utilizing an e-commerce website, a business can sell products and services 24 hours per day 7 days per week with little or no human intervention.

There is no need for a showroom or a fancy office or in some cases salespeople to sell or display your goods; your only requirement is a well designed e-commerce website from the Big Design Team.

An E-commerce website displays your goods and takes money online as payment for those goods.

• Fully optimised
• Shopping Cart
• Credit Card Facilities
• Management
• Maintenance
• Monitoring
• Hosting
• Traffic Statistics

Get a fully functional up to date E commerce website for your business